Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe [ A Short Review ]

Mom and I recently tried out a new, up and coming cafe in downtown Saskatoon.

I would say the feel of the place was "modern French" with just a hint of an era gone by.

The store attached seems to sell mainly things that fall into the "Shabby Chic" category, with many hints of the whimsical.
VERY pricey, I will say, but if you like to go browse and get ideas and just enjoy looking at beautiful things, you will want to leave a few minutes to wander the store, before or after tea.

Their food, from what we tried, was delicious and well made, and served quite properly.
A more simple, stylish way of serving.

I really enjoying the Sencha Green Tea we had~ it was made right and had excellent flavor!

I did feel things were a little over-priced, meaning of course, it was a special treat, but only certain clientele will be able to go there regularly.

I must make a note though, of the excellent customer service & a very positive mood!

However, if you are looking for a charming place to go for tea and a light lunch with a friend, be sure to check out this little spot!

Their website (under construction): www.thelittlebird.ca 
Their Facebook page: Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe
Their Instagram Page: littlebirdpatisserie 

A lovely display case at the front counter.

Fresh flowers are on every table, a welcoming touch, and also the little frames they give you with your table number are a neat idea.
It's very nice to have your tea and food brought to you, like a proper cafe, and not like a lot of these modern cafes where you wait & carry your own purchases.

Excellent macarons! 
They tasted fresh & well made.

And a little shot of your chef, The Mouse, cradling her tea, because goodness knows, my paws are always cold & that's my favorite part about tea~ warming them up! *grins*


  1. Beks, you look absolutely lovely and beautiful!! Made me smile to see this picture of you...so peaceful and happy, it made my heart sing. <3

    Delighted you had this special time with your dear mother!!


  2. Great photos and a lovely one of you!