Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Few Crafty Happenings...

I always post what I am up to on Instagram & Twitter via photos.... but then am terrible at actually sharing that on Facebook, much less my blog!

So I thought I'd post this past weeks recent crafty things I've been working on this afternoon. 

I did do up a few eggs for Easter, just for the fun of it, because I wanted to do the whole "melt the tablet & soak the eggs" thing. *heehee* [Never grow up!]
We thought the end results were quite pretty!

As always, paper-crafting is something I do a lot of, mostly the snail-mail kind.
Really, snail-mail has become a form of art!
If you don't believe me, just look up the #snailmail hashtag on Instagram! 

Here is my outgoing pile of mail from this week.
[Yes I am single handedly keeping our postal system alive! haha]

Working on a little home-made stationary, by turning washi tape into mini bunting...

There is another big trend on Instagram called #pocketletters & this is my first attempt at such!

My current favorite "spring" washi tapes!

Mini buntings made out of washi tape & bakers twine. Easy & great to wrap around a doily holding a letter or some such idea...

And can you believe it?!
This Mousie has attempted to do some sewing.

A simple project, mind you, but nevertheless, still sewing & without any assistance!
I am quite pleased with my results & will likely sew a bunch more, as I am considering seeing about getting some tables for Christmas craft fairs, to sell all my crafty goods, along with my baking.

In this first photo, you see a Serger. But I ended up just using a basic sewing machine for these pillows.

Here are my first 2 completed ones! 

I put buttons on some of them~ the ones in this photo are painted wooden ones.
Aren't they delightful?

And these are another 2 I did.

I actually did 5 pillows in total, but did not have enough stuffing to fill the 5th, so it remains folded until I can score some cheap stuffing somewhere to fill it with!

[You wouldn't believe how expensive cotton batting is! If you have any you aren't using, this little rodent would be thrilled to get her paws on it!
Old pillows are accepted too.]

I really should try to post more of these photos here, eh? 

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