Sunday, 19 April 2015

Memories From The Canadian Royal Tour [ Great Kate Wait ]

Continuing to pass time on Twitter by reliving moments from the Royal Tour Canada... 

My favorite tour, for so many obvious reasons!

None of these photos are mine~ full credit goes to the brilliant photographers! 

Starting with the stunning cobalt blue dress by a Canadian designer, which Kate wore in Quebec.

Then in Alberta, where both Will & Kate rocked white cowboy hats.

I honestly giggle every time I look at this pair in those true Western style hats.... love it! 

Now I am not sure if Kate wore this dress while visiting Ottawa or visiting Charlottetown...

Either way, it was for attending Canada Day celebrations. 

Also, Will is actually in a suit that is not navy blue & NO TIE! *gasp* HAHA
I remember that being big news on Twitter, the no tie part.... 

Charlottetown & Prince Edward Island. 

♥My favorite part of the Royal Tour. ♥

The nautical dress Kate wore is forever one of my favorites!!! 
And when she was trying out seafoods by the Dalvay.... I really enjoyed that!

You could tell Kate was happy to be there.
Perhaps that had something to do with her being such a big Anne fan. 
[Just one more reason for me to adore her!]

I will likely have a few more Royal posts this month yet... some more favorite photos & moments to share & of course photos from the Royal Birth!

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  1. I loved that Purple dress and the up doo...and the blue - her figure is diminutive! She's never worn so many of these outfits again and yet they were lovely. Your favourite was repeated at Wimbledon I think.

    Lovely post - I'll work my way through your lovely blog slowly but surely!