Friday, 8 May 2015

A Hike Out At Beaver Creek

This past weekend I went out to Beaver Creek Conservation Area, to take a little hike on some of their trails & see how green things were turning... get a little fresh air... see some new scenery... 

It was pleasant & quiet, although I will admit, when I came across some fairly fresh cougar droppings, I immediately turned back. O_O
I haven't encountered a cougar in the wild yet & I have no intention of doing so, unless I am safely in a vehicle & can quickly get away. HAHA

Things are beginning to get quite pretty & I am definitely going to have to return after 6PM, as apparently that is when the beavers come out to play.
According to the fellow working that day, he has seen at least 8 different beavers already this year & figured soon some young ones would be born.
Baby beavers?! Yeah, would LOVE to see that cuteness! 

For now, I hope you will enjoy this HUGE photo post.... something I haven't done in quite some time, but I honestly can't decide which photos to share with you so I thought I would go ahead & share them all! 

I was going to just let you look at them, but some of the shots need a little explanation or detail to get you imagining things about & appreciating the prairies, so I will take the time to add some information for you! 

I love how the green just pops out in this photo!

Heading up the path to the trails...

I can completely understand why the pioneers settled here. 

So gross!
But can anyone tell me what these are?
I think some sort of caterpillar...

Well, this definitely wasn't cut by humans! heehee

Fresh deer prints...

This is one of the beaver's "slides" down to the creek.... well used!

As you can see, beavers do a lot of damage in a hurry!

Those teeth though!

Look at those feet..... paws..... 

The fellow working informed me these were a type of spotted ground squirrels.
Note his long tail in the next photo!

Spotted a little wooden mousie in the grass...

See what I mean about cougars being around? 
They have to put up signs!

Classic prairie. 

I hope you have enjoyed coming along for my little hike!

Hoping to do lots more events & such outings this summer so be watching for more photos!


  1. Hey Bekah! :)
    The picture of the worms look like what we have here in MN, we call then army-worms and they're pretty devestating! They mow down leaves from trees, and Duluth has had *lots* of problems with them. We nearly lost our garden to them one year. =/ Not sure if they're the exact same thing as those, but that's what they look like! Pretty nasty!

  2. Gorgeous pics Bekah! I love nature walks here too. We have to watch out for cougars too, and black bears. But mostly just coyotes. My big German Shepard usually follows me. Won't let me outta site!