Thursday, 6 August 2015

For Those Of Us Still Waiting On God

     The problem with telling Christian young people to "go & get it" if they want something, is that as children of God, if our desire is to seek Him & serve Him with our lives, often times those "things" cannot be found in the world.

     We cannot just "go to university" or "pursue that career" or "find a mate" because we want it to be 100% of God & to know that He brought about in an ordained matter. 

     Then we get mocked for "not doing anything" or are told we are "being lazy", when perhaps it is merely that God has us in the waiting stage & experience has taught us it is not wise to go forward without His blessing. 

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     Be careful of accusing those of us in our 20s or 30s that we  "don't have what we want yet because we don't want it bad enough to do something about it". That is a great way to encourage young people to do something they don't feel God wants them to do, merely so they are "doing something, anything".

     Unless you are God Himself. If you're God, feel free to be as judgmental & harsh as you wish.
     But if you are human being like the rest of us, then please encourage us to continue to wait on God & seek His Will, regardless of the fact that many people will insist on telling us we are "crazy & impractical" and "need to get a grip on reality". 

     Believe me~ we are all aware of the fact we look like losers.... *grins* All the truly great/famous people are. ;) 

     "Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." ~Psalms 37:4-5 KJV


  1. I know I tend to agree with you and constantly thank you for how what you write speaks *right* to where I am in life at that particular moment... and I know I do this A LOT...
    and that is because God CONSTANTLY USES you/your words in this way in my life on that consistent basis.
    So when I say "Wow, Bekah... you don't even KNOW. Spoke to me right where I am-- NEEDED THIS" (over and over and over again ;) please know that I **sincerely** need it EVERY. STINKING. TIME.
    you're like, this freakishly twin, rather alter-ego of myself that is for some reason living in Canada and not here with me so we can weather this junk together ;)
    but seriously. I know this wasn't aimed at the 20 and 30 somethings you spoke of in this post, BUT IT CERTAINLY ENCOURAGED THIS 20-something... if only to be encouraged by the fact that she's not the only one out there that wants to scream this from the rooftops ;)

  2. Love this, girlfriend!! (Sorry about bombarding you with comments now ;)) Although I was pretty young when I started dating Paul, it was something out of this world when I realized I needed to stop searching and trying so hard to meet someone. I remember being hung up over an old boyfriend for months and finally I said, "I give up. I'm trusting You completely." And I actually felt 100x lighter. It was unbelievable and I still remember those 5 minutes so accurately. And later that night, at the same time, Paul and I realized we liked each other. Bliss. :) Great post, lovely! :)