Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Instagram World

I was realizing the other day, just how many "gaps" there are on my blog, when it comes to my day-to-day life, because so often I just post a pic on Instagram & that is it.

I rarely every properly photograph my creative hobbies & what I spend a good deal of my time on.
The things that make me the happiest. 

So I have gathered snaps taken over the past month or so to share here.
Photos that truly reflect my personality, interests, & hobbies. 

I hope you enjoy. 

First up, is my latest Smashbook, a current ongoing project.
It is a mixture between things penpals send me & events/happenings through out the year.

Next up, is snailmail.

I am still writing/receiving a lot of letters & I like to document them on Instagram.

Here are a few pics of my outgoing themed mail, a pocket letter, my writing desk, & a few details.

Of course, what is paper crafting without some new supplies now & again...

My obsession with washi has not diminished. 

I have discovered SO many uses for it, but honestly, my favorite is snailmail & scrapbooking.

The first photo is of my collection, although definitely not all of it & I've added around a dozen rolls since, some of which you can see in the next 2 photos.

The last photo appears to be fabric~ but it is special fabric with adhesive on the back.
I cut it into inch-wide strips & now I have a gorgeous pile of fabric washi, which as crafters know, is very expensive in the stores!
I paid but $6 for the whole lot! Yippee! ****score****

A new creative project I am working on is my first Anti Journal!

You will be seeing videos coming really soon, showing pages & explaining how I created them.

Basically, an Anti Journal is mixed media art, giving you prompts on how to create things in an entirely new way... and sometimes weird way.
It's awesome.
Buy one.
Total stress reliever & the results are anything but normal, which makes it all the more fun.
I can't wait to sit down & do some more creating in my Anti Journal.

One of my besties, Bug, had requested a mouse-terpiece *winks* from me, so for her birthday, I created this little quote-painting for her.

I actually do like how it turned out & it was my first attempt at doing calligraphy style writing, but with a regular paint brush!

Another form of art for me, in the summer, is flower arranging.

Sadly our flowers weren't doing so well until now, but I still found places to pick some (even wildflowers) to create some floating arrangements. 

Also, I was looking after a lady's gardens for a while & she had SO many gorgeous flowers. 
Among them were the adorable table & chair set you see in one of the photos.
I couldn't resist picking a few blooms to put in my room. 

I love treasure hunting or thrifting as some call it. 

I have had endless good luck this year in those areas, most of which I documented on Instagram & am not going to bother sharing here, but I did want to show you this adorable teapot I got & a Victorian style coaster set!

I have truly awesome friends who send me so many lovely things & one dear lady sent me this perfect-condition commemorative teacup & saucer!

And as always, what would my life be without taking shots of the sunsets. 

This one was snapped this past week, after a very very long work day.

Well there.

You have had a sampling of what I post on Instagram almost every day. 

And also lets you see more of what I spend my time on when I'm not going to big events or cooking or doing anything worth blogging. Haha.

 I find sometimes it is good to just blog "none-sense" or "every day life" because you get to know the author a bit better. 

I hope you have gotten to know me a little bit better.... especially all you new readers of the blog who I don't even know!
Thanks for the amazing stats lately!
So many countries! Wow!

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  1. Oh Bekah, I LOVE your blog!! I'm finally putting aside some time to peruse at my leisure and it's making my day. :) And I can totally relate to the whole Instagram vs. blogging issue - I keep forgetting that the people who don't have IG don't see all the little things that make me me. Perhaps I'll have to do an Instagram recap type of blog post too. :) Love how creative you are, love that you love gardening, and just LOVE how alike we are although we're so far away. :) xoxoxo