Sunday, 2 August 2015

RCMP Musical Ride

Can you believe it's August already?!?! Nuts!!

I am busy making plans to do various things~ hoping for a few roads trips & perhaps a couple extra jobs as well, before September & everything slows down again. 

These pictures are really, really bad.

Between the horrid lighting & the speed of all the performances, I almost just chucked most of these shots. 

However, I thought those of you who have never been to a musical ride might enjoy & I did supplement with a few videos as well!

So first the older, retired veterans (is that what you call police officers who are retried? I'm not sure). Anyways, these gentlemen with lots of honors, were driven around the ring in some gorgeous carriages. 
I only got clear snaps of the empty carriage, but the team is Frank & Jessie and I have pictures of them working at Pion-Era earlier this year.

Then they had a bagpipe performance, which of course, I loved because as you know, huge fan of all things Scottish-Irish & bagpipes have always sounded comforting to me, not annoying.

A few  girls performed some jumping exercises. 
More terrible photos & no videos, but they were quite good & 2 of them were only 13. 

The 2 ladies going through dressage routine.
Wow, Impressive.
They were really good!

A mother & daughter team performed the western style reining demonstrations & I really enjoyed that, because Western is the style of riding I grew up knowing & still love now. 
I dearly wish I could get back in the saddle again!

I do have a video of them, actually, here:

I believe they called this performance "Wild & Free", but if I'm right it is actually a style of training called "Liberty Horses". 
(Maybe one of you horsey gals can confirm or correct this?)
Either way, it was absolutely beautiful to watch. ♥

I took 2 videos, here:

Then, the musical ride began! 

I hope you will enjoy the videos & pictures as much as I enjoyed being there & seeing it live. 
It was really neat & they did so well! 

Oh but I do have 2 videos for you, here:

As of right now, I don't have any big plans for August, but working on some things. 

However, hoping to get back in the kitchen & have some new recipes on La Kitchenette Souris really soon! 

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