Thursday, 10 September 2015

Grasslands National Park {Part 3}

The final part of your virtual Grasslands tour is concluded with some of the lovely critters that call the park home.

Sadly, we didn't see any bison, but neither did we see any rattlesnakes.
Disappointed on the bison front, happy on the snake front. HAHA!

A lot of these snaps aren't great quality due to having to zoom in so much & then the lighting was challenging, but I am sharing all the same because it's always awesome to see animals in their natural habitat.

This critter is not a gopher, but rather a Prairie Dog which is considerably bigger! This guy likely weighed anymore from 2-5 pounds. Chubby fella!

We came across this female moose nibbling away at some trees. 
She seemed to be checking out something in the bushes behind her a lot.... and wouldn't you know it, she had her baby with her!

This is what I believe is a Peregrine Falcon. Possibly a younger one, although he was with a few other falcons.
One of my favorite shots of the weekend!

I was driving, and coming around a curve rather quickly, when Dad said, "Hey look out!"

And there were there 2 mule deer~ oh they hop around SO funny! They bounce, like rabbits.

But I very happily got to snap a few photos while they checked us out...

Well that concludes the Grasslands adventures, but not out roadtrip by far! 

More snaps from while we were on the road & our next destination coming really soon.

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