Friday, 11 September 2015

Road Trips On The Prairie... Always Interesting... And Funny...

You never really know what you are going to come across when you are road trippin' in Saskatchewan.

Things are just done differently here & with a good deal of "weird" and "completely stupid" tossed in, just because, well, we can, that's why. 

However, I have to say, it's gets even wilder and "unexplainable" when you get out into these deserted areas where the towns are few and far between, and even then, a town barely consists of 50 people, and you can't even locate a gas station. No kiddin'.

I tried to take a picture every now and again, just so you could see more of rural SK and get a better feel of what it is really like, not just see the highlights and not know how barren it is in between those destinations.

Truly, Saskatchewan is the province of undiscovered wonders! It holds SO many amazing & unbelievable things... and yet it is not a popular tourist destination.
Actually, it's barely a tourist destination at all. 
But it should be. 

Take, for example, the oddness of this sign: "No Hunting. Livestock Within."
First of all, who thinks, "Oh, I should go hunting in a metal junk yard." 
Like what is going to be in there? Coyotes? Gophers? Sparrows? Great hunting, them critters.
*dies laughing* 

Turns out, there was actual breathing livestock inside the metal junk yard... 
Still, the logic behind going into a junk yard to hunt sheep just seems incredibly dumb.

I really like this shot. 
Such a story in it.  Maybe I will write one some day.
For now, think along the storylines of "Heartland" and Grandpa Jack's old trucks...

Now for some common scenes... that go on and on and on and you rarely ever see another vehicle or human being... 

Except for cattle. You see a lot of cattle. 
And they can be curious!

Interesting story behind these grain bins. 
Note that one is lying over on its side and if you look closely, it's fallen on top of a small shed, which is crushed, not to mention the side of the grain bin is badly crunched.
That is all thanks to the wind. It gets very very strong on these prairies!
Strong enough to knock over a huge, heavy, sturdy grain bin.

Seriously though~ how spectacular is that sunset?!?! 
Gimme a horse & a hat... I wanna ride off into it..... see ya 'round.... 

Just look at that face. ♥

They wander all over the roads, because a lot of places just use Texas Gates and let the cattle roam and graze where they will.

It gets really funny when they decide to stop in the middle of the road and check you out, like, "Who are you and what are you doing driving on my road?" 
This old bessie was really staring me down. *grins* 
Classic southern SK shot. Just classic. And priceless. Prairie comedy for ya, right there.

Stay tuned for more adventures really soon!

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