Saturday, 12 September 2015

The "Big Muddy" Badlands

Wow, what a place! You have to go see the Badlands of southern SK, especially Castle Butte!

It was very windy & the climb was almost straight up.
I barely made it. Didn't want to even try, really.
But my Dad kinda pushed me up the side of it. Haha.

It's impressive and I completely understand why outlaws would flee here and hide in the little caves dug into the side of these hills!
You can see for miles and would know for a good while if someone was comin'.
I really need to read some more stories about these outlaws that camped out on the prairies...

First, here is a very loud, windy video by your's truly, taken at the top of Castle Butte! 

This is the view when you start to pull into the valley...

There are a few farms tucked away in the badlands. Quite a view, but very lonely, I should think!

Halfway up Castle Butte! You need to have the balance and feet of a mountain goat, honestly...

Your's truly at the very top~ selfie, of course. There is a pic Dad took of me farther down... haha

That little spot wayyyy down there? That's our car! 

It may be a bit hard to tell, but this is actually the pathway that you use to get up to the top of Castle Butte.... it's pretty much straight up and down... 

As you can see, I come by my goofiness honestly. *grins* This is Dad, perched on the "path". 
As he says, "You just brace your feet on the sides and sorta get down low then go up..." 

Well, here is me... and then a few snaps of me with some horses we came across that Dad took on his camera!
(I didn't edit them at all) 

And that was our visit to the Badlands and Castle Butte!

I hope you have enjoyed your virtual tour & I definitely suggest you add the Saskatchewan Badlands to your list of "places to visit"!

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  1. A lovely post, Bekah. I was particularly struck by the photograph of the yellow flowers. I can imagine that framed on my wall. Love, Laura xxx