Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Barn Playhouse Christmas

Last week, Mom & I attended a Christmas dinner theatre at the Barn Playhouse.

The play they were showing was called "A Stranger For Christmas" & it was a really funny yet brilliant story line, that really emphasized what Christmas is all about.

The food was excellent & everything was very high quality.
I would definitely go again next year! 

I dropped Mom off at the door, then went to park.
As I was walking back, I noticed this sign in the parking lot, so I waited to get a ride!

My view from where I was standing, while I waited for the "sleigh" to arrive.

The beautiful big boys pulling the "sleigh". (which was actually more like a wagon)

That sort of cloud in front of them was actually their breath, which is sort of hard to tell in this photo.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get really clear images, so I took a couple videos instead, as the experience was really neat, despite it being so cold I could hardly feel my hands.

The theatre entrance.
You go in through this little store, to the larger theatre area & banquet hall in the back.
It was so crowded in the store, I didn't even bother trying to take any photos.

Walking in & seeing the stage for the first time.

I absolutely loved this bedroom set! Very me!

The banquet hall, with all it's fancy table settings.

This is the best shot I could get of the sort of long hall, without being too dreadful obvious...

My supper!

The dessert plate. 
I had the little red cupcake, which yes, was Red Velvet & was very good!

We had front row seats, so this was my view of the stage.

They have handmade quilts everywhere & they always raffle one off, with the funds made going to a local charity.

It was really was a neat, rather old fashioned night & I hope we can go again sometime!

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