Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Random Snaps From My Life {2}

The past couple weeks have just flown by in a whirlwind of work & baking & trying to get all organized for the New Year. 

I like to start by being fairly on top of a lot of projects & I feel like I've gotten a handle on a lot of them, which is always great! 

The one place I clean at had a whole bunch of red poinsettias & I couldn't help but notice the details in the very center of the "bloom", so I snapped a photo.

Of course, I always admire something purple. I like the matte finish on this bulb.

It's been a long time since I have posted a photo of myself & I really don't take many selfies, but I did snap this one a while back, so thought I'd share here too...

When the new photos of Princess Charlotte were released, I knew I had to get a copy of one of the magazines, and as most of you know, I only purchase Hello! (for the most part).
They did such a lovely little write up about her!

I have been reading a lot of cookbooks & design books, as I just enjoy looking at the photos & stealing ideas...
I have ordered so many books at the library, I hit the maximum amount of requests allowed. HAHA!

For those of you curious, sometimes mail takes a really looooooong time.
Like this parcel~ it took just over 2 months to get to me!
And then arrived quite battered, but at least, it made it & the pen wasn't wrecked at all & still writes! 

I have been receiving so many Christmas cards & Christmas themed letters~ be sure to go visit my ~Instagram Profile~ to see more of them. 

I also sat down & had a couple card making sessions, and I really got many done. 
Here are photos of some of them.

This week I finally had time to get to work on my massive pile of incoming mail, that still needs a response & started making more Christmas book letters.

Here are 2 more I really had fun with.

Well, that is mostly what I've been up to lately & baking, but of course you have seen all the recipes I have been blogging lately!

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