Monday, 14 December 2015

An (Unstyled) Bedroom Shoot

I have noticed a lot of people sharing photos of their bedrooms lately (maybe a 2016 trend for bloggers?), but I have also noticed how all their shoots are styled. 

They have books set out just so. 
Candles light.
Videos made to music.
Filters added. 
Dog told to "lie down" & "stay".

Everything looks so perfect. 

And I always wonder what their rooms look like every day. 

Well here is what mine looks like when I actually make the bed.

Important Note: I rarely ever make my bed.
So that tends to make the room look messy.
But on the day I took these photos, I had changed the sheets & made the bed. 

Second Important Note:  My room is a tidy place.
I have an extremely OCD type of mindset when it comes to things being in order, perfectly straight, colored coded, etc.
So while the bed being un-made can make the room look messy (due to the fact that the bed is half of the room), the rest is actually very clean. 

Those books you see are ones I am actually reading.
I don't burn candles & never scented ones: allergies. 
I am not keen on making videos & when I do, I do as little editing as possible because I don't enjoy doing it. 
There are no filters on these photos.
I don't have any pets. If I did, they would be the ones being photographed, not my room. HAHA
It may look a little "perfect" but that's just the OCD coming into play. 

Hope you enjoy!

And if you actually made it to the end of this post & are still reading, haha, I would love to see what your room looks like.... UNSTYLED!

So snap a few pics & post them!

I dare you! 

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  1. Lovely! You make good use of a small space!
    I wouldn't dare to post pictures of my room right now - everyone would run screaming!! ;) Haha. Most of my clothes are piled high on my dresser because I can't use the inside of it due to the smell (smoke from previous owner)'s just not pretty. XD