Saturday, 12 December 2015

Random Snaps From My Life {1}

This past week I actually took the time to take a few photos while out on my errands. 

Usually I just scurry about so that I can get back indoors & away from the craziness of this world we live in (as much as possible anyways). 

But we have been having some amazing sunsets lately & I just happened to be out at the right time to capture a few shots.

This first shot was taken during the day, just out in the country & the view caught my eye. 
I do love having a phone that takes good quality photos because I no longer have to haul my big camera everywhere, nor do I have to worry about struggling with my laptop & it's slowly dying editing system... 

I really liked all the different hues of blue in the sky, with just slight bits of orange & yellow peeking through.

Then, as I was driving home, the sky turned a fiery orange, like it was on fire. 
10 minutes later, it was dark out. 

I always start my mornings with a glass of orange juice.
It is very rare I don't have any on hand!

Lately, when I know I have a slower day ahead (which has been a lot more days thanks to me no longer procrastinating on so many things & working hard to complete dozens of projects, etc.), I like to open my mail & do a little reading.

Normally, I don't care for "self help" type books as they get very dull & are entirely useless most of the time.
I found this lady's book quirky & charming & just fun to read. 
Not Christian, but she had some good things to say & I felt it was worth my time to complete.

I rarely ever buy movies anymore, but I do keep my eye open for deals.

When in Wal-mart I saw both of these on sale for excellent prices, so I treated myself & purchased them.

I have nearly finished watching the original Julie Andrews (again), and then I will watch the Carrie Underwood one (for the 3rd time, I believe). 
I am well aware most people are loyal to Julie Andrews, but I quite enjoyed Carrie's version despite it being different & not what I expected. 
It was still entertaining & sweet.

I received this adorable parcel in the mail, from Sarah at ~Hazelwood Forest~
This book is so sweet & all the extra goodies were splendid to unwrap!

It is a real struggle to find nice Canadian postcards around here, but as I was quickly walking through Wal-mart, these happened to catch my eye.

Finally! Some lovely postcards for my penpals!

I only purchased a few, but I know a couple collectors that will be pleased to receive them.

I am currently attempting to read this novel, but struggling a bit.

I am finding it not quite to my taste, so am only on page 100.

I have been informed by a few people it gets better as you get farther along but honestly, I am not sure if I will keep on going or not. 

Also, pictured, is a "new" teacup I scored for $1.00! Despite how it may appear in the photo (due to the lighting), it is actually a light purple, not a light pink....

I never throw away any bits of ribbon or lace that come my way & I often buy them by the meter or at second hand stores. 

So after a while, the loose pieces turn into a jumbled mess & it takes forever to find what you are looking for & untangle it from the "ball" it has become.

I was sent this handmade, material bag & have been storing all my loose bits in it, until I discovered paper clips worked so well to keep lace/ribbon together, without wrinkling it.
I use the plastic covered paper clips because they do not leave "stains" on the items.

So I spent some time one afternoon & properly folded all my newer pieces of ribbon 'n' lace & clipped them all together, so that it will be much more efficient & it looks prettier too!

This is a shelf in my bedroom, which you may recognize by now, as it is often featured in photos & sometimes serves as a stand when I am photographing various created items. 

It is all decked out for Christmas & I firmly believe, you can never have too many necklaces (especially ones with vintage designs), nor too many Christmas mice.

This isn't even all of my Christmas mice! Then there are my "regular" mice on top of that!

I wanted to make a new Clove Orange since our old one was starting to smell a tad dusty & seemed to be loosing a lot of little bits everywhere.

Mom offered to help me put the cloves in, as it takes some times & the fingers get very sore!

Then this happened. HAHA.

I ended up adding glasses yet, which I didn't photograph, but should have.

In the end, the entire orange was covered & is now doing it's job properly, keeping the bathroom smelling Christmassy. 

Just a little close up by the Toy Village area.

Sometimes the smallest details are the prettiest.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some more little glimpses of my life. 

I try to share a few more details here than I do when posting on Instagram or other social media places.

I often forget that so many of you are not on any of those networks (yet! heehee) & also, I like to post things on my blog because it remains more "personal" and becomes something of a "portfolio". 
Even for future work references~ bosses do enjoy being able to see what you do in your private life as it tells a good deal about the person they may hire. 

You never know who you may reach in the blogging world or what corner of the world you may shed some light into!

Thus, I keep trying to post here, a little at a time. 
Sometimes big news, sometimes no news at all.

Just, keep blogging. Nothing fancy. But all real. 

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