Sunday, 17 January 2016

Random Snaps From My Life {4}

Ah yes, we are still in the dead of winter & the less I have to go out, the better. 

As you can see from these snaps I took a couple days ago, things are still very white around here!

Our Christmas decorations are still all up but I am hoping to take them down soon!

Was originally planning on doing it this weekend but it got so cold, I figured I wouldn't bother going out to the shed to find the bins, etc. Just wait a few more days.

This is my bedroom window, at present! You can't see out at all!

One night, the sun was hitting it just right & so I had to snap a photo since it was very pretty~ such a delicate pattern...

Getting incredibly adventurous with my reading goals. heehee

Actually I haven't set any goals at all, but I have gone through several of these books & there have been some charming reads among them. 

Might even squeak in another one tonight yet, if paper crafting doesn't call me too loudly.

I like the cold mornings because it gives me a really good excuse to stay cuddled in bed with a book & a letter.

I do miss my cappuccino though. A lot. However, sticking to my healthier drink "diet"! Almost 2 months without any pop/soda or caffine. Yay me!

Made some ~Pumpkin Muffins~ last week. 
So yummy & I highly recommend them for cold weather.

They are very easy & I already have the recipe blogged here. Just click the title above.

I did get around to cleaning up my scores of Christmas cards~ I had such a bundle I will have to find a new box to start storing them in, I think. So lovely. Thank you, all my friends! 

Then I decided to put a sort of "spring theme" up on my bulletin board... something bright & cheery, using goodies penpals had mailed me. 

It's lovely to be able to see my seashells and seaglass again.

After my recent washi haul, I got a lot of requests to see my entire washi collection.

So I sorted it out all, organized it by color & took the best shot I could get.

I keep mine in one of those plastic drawer storage units, so what you see are 2 of the more narrow drawers. Works so well! 

After not sending out any mail in December, this is what my outgoing pile looked like come January! 

Madness! I will admit to holding up the line in the post office for a rather looooooong time.

I felt like I really got something done when that was all "stamped up" & sent off! 

Then it was time to pull out everything Valentine's themed, or goodies with a more romantic, Victorian feel.

My desk was once again covered with awesomeness & I have had so many ideas to try.

I have really been in a letter crafting mood lately, so that's basically all I am doing besides cleaning/organizing the entire house (really~ the entire house~ I am slowly going through every single corner!).

The Dollar Tree & Dollarama had some adorable Valentine craft supplies this year, so I picked up some paper doilies, glitter hearts, confetti, & stickers. 

I have used SO many already, I doubt I will have much left to save for next year, which is fine by me, as it gives me an excuse to buy some then. *winks*

One of the first letters off the mousie presses...

I absolutely love being able to work so much girly-ness into these letters!

A friend sent me a copy of Victoria magazine & I took some inspiration from an outdoor tea party/picnic for this envelope I was creating.

The lighting is poor because it was late at night, but I was creating away, unable to stop...

All bundled up & ready to go~ does it get any more romantic?!

Another letter I put together... made a few of the bits n bobs myself...

Ah yes, you would have had to have know I would take inspiration from the French when it comes to making romantic things!

This letter sort of fell together as I used an eiffel tower magnet as my starting piece, and added things from there.

For the record, that was hot chocolate in my Timmies cup~ no caffine! 

Wax seals are an absolute must when making Valentine's mail.

Work them in wherever you can. Use them like stickers, if you must.

Like I said, once I start, I can't stop!

Plus, I am being a very good penpal & sending out prompt creative letters which makes me feel good, and makes my penpals happy, which makes me feel even better.

A little tip is to rubber stamp images onto cardstock, then trim around them, and then reglue them onto patterned scrapbook paper. Once again, trim around them, and you have very affordable ephermera that is so lovely.
You could add gems or pearls or glitter to them as well.

That little white tag with the butterflies on it: 

I bought a pack of white price tags from Dollar Tree for $1.25. There were 50 in the pack.

I took their strings off, put some bakers twine in it's place, rubber stamped the butterflies on, and tada, and adorable mini tag! Easy & budget friendly, not to mention charming.

And that's just one idea of what you can do with these types of tags!

Two letters that headed off to their new homes this week.
Hope they make it!
1 Christmas letter may have gone missing.... breaks my heart... it was a fancy book letter too.... 

I have received SO much incredible incoming mail~ go look at my ~Instagram~ to keep up with the incoming mail, to steal ideas or drool over, if you wish.

This package, in particular, I loved because, RODENT SLIPPERS!
And she sent baking! heehee
Truly my type of package.
Also, I get the most incredible things in the mail. You name it, it's been mailed to me.

My 3rd piece of Royal Mail arrived at last, which thrilled me, of course.

I had not written for Charlotte's Christening, so I was pleased to receive this image. 

They are the cutest family, and the little ones are growing up SO fast....

I recently discovered the one place I clean at is a landmine for Canadian postage stamps!

So I've been tearing them out & bringing them home to send to my penpals who collect stamps.

Here I was trying to master the art of soaking stamps, to remove them from the pieces of envelope.

Random Fact: the Canadian ones come off well.
The American ones don't come off at all. Just crumble.
So as always, CANADA RULES AND THE USA...... hahahahaha....... yeah yeah yeah, I'm proud to be Canadian.... deal with it...... 

Well that's all from me for today. 

What have you been up to? 

Anything crafty? 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What do you do for it? 

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