Friday, 29 January 2016

Random Snaps From My Life {5}

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've blogged anything, but honestly, January has been very dull & I post most of my photos onto Instagram or Facebook now. I rarely ever use my actual camera. 

As for cooking & baking, that really hasn't been happening, & when it has (a few times), it has just been repeats of favorite recipes. 
Perhaps soon I will get back into cooking again.

Mostly, I have just been working, cleaning around the house, reading & writing letters. 
And coloring & movies too. 

I am not even sure if these things are worth mentioning, but eh, they are "happenings", after a fashion anyways:
~ Our water pipes froze on a -47 day. Scary because there is nothing you can do about it.
We got creative with forcing some heat into the floors boards & thankfully got them thawed out withing the day.
~ My car got rear ended (or front ended actually). That freaked me out a lot, but everything appears to be fine on the car! *whew*
~ Mom & Dad got a new a bed.... and a new toilet showed up this week too.... (yes, this becomes news once you are a "bill paying adult"~ prepare for this stage of life, teenagers)
~ Dad got his teeth pulled & has dentures now. Officially an Old Geezer. 

But here are a bunch of IG snaps for you...

We have been having some really warm sunny days, after a dreadful cold snap!

Warm sunny days always call for a selfie~ the reflection in my shades was a happy accident. 

Went out for a country drive around sunset one day this past week.... so the next several snaps are ones I took while out on that drive, of whatever caught my eye.

I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer~ whipped up this batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies (dough) in mere minutes!
I will confess that I ate a good portion of this dough raw. heehee

A local grocery store had a big sale on Snapple recently, so I stocked up.

I really should have taken a picture of all the cans I bought.... LOL!

The Peach Green Tea kind is my favorite! (although Strawberry Kiwi is a close 2nd favorite)

I could not resist picking a copy of this up when I saw it in the store. 

It has several nice Royal related articles in it. 

It's been nice to have time to do some reading at last, and the mood has stuck once again. 
This is a book I am about to start... and tucked into it are 2 letters I received last week. 

There is this lovely girl called Filiz who makes charming tutorial videos on Youtube (look up Filiz Love Paper!) & when she shared an idea on how to create these cute 3D embellishments using your scraps, I had to try it.

This was my first attempt & I definitely hope to make more in the future!

Of course I made a few Valentines cards for a few besties I exchange mail with...

I love the little details, like vintage stamps & foam hearts. 

Sometimes I write amusing things on the backs of envelopes because I already know my fancy mail catches the eyes of postal workers, so I figure they might get a kick out of reading such things. 

Making a book letter out of an old Victorian Trading Co catalogue... now if I could only get them to start sending me catalogues again.... haven't received one in many months.... 

This paper came out of a notebook & I turned it into stationary. 

In the end, I punched holes on the side & tied the letter together using bakers twine. 
It turned out super cute!

My latest pile of outgoing Valentine's mail. 

I do have another small pile ready to go, but I wish to wait until February to send it as I have already sent out a MASSIVE amount of mail this month! I counted over 50 pieces!

I decided to have a little fun a couple days ago & set up a mini "styled shoot", so I could attempt to take some pretty photos for Instagram.

I had a lot of fun & these 9 photos were the end result. 

The teabag came from a dear Kindred Spirits Club friend & the herbs were grown in her garden, so I knew I had to feature it in a styled shoot. 

The rest merely matched so perfectly, and the shoot just fell together. 

A note about these two books:
One is from 1902 and the other is from 1903! 
So they are very old treasures!

How I like to spend my evenings: Dairy Queen Vanilla Shake & Season 1 of the newer Poldark series! 

The shake was delicious, so of course, I had to take more than one snap of it. heehee

Also, for those of you who use the Periscope app, I have joined that social media!

I am looking to find a tripod for my phone so that I can share my crafting & cooking adventures with you, so be sure to go give me a follow! 

I may even do some short country drives or walks in the park.... we shall see how much battery & data it uses...

I hope to do my first Periscope video really soon.

Well that's all for now. 

Hope your January has been going well! 

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  1. Hey Girly! I enjoyed your post. :) Love your "styled shoot," so pretty. Oh my goodness, 50 pieces of mail. lol, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. WOW!!!