Friday, 29 April 2016

I'm Back! {And I'm Not Much Of A Blogger}

Hello everyone!
I have been back from my trip for 2 weeks now & am just getting around to giving the blog a new look & planning out a few posts.... 

I hope you enjoyed following along on ~Instagram~ while I explored the UK! 
It was quite a wild adventure & all seems like a hazy, unbelievable dream now, honestly...
Although I suspect the amount of debt I have to pay off will keep it real for some time. Ha! 

I have a lot of photos on my camera, taken during my travels, but at the moment, I am figuring out how I will edit them since my old laptop will not be able to handle it. 
(It's very old & out of storage so honestly, it would just freeze up in seconds)
If you know of any great, free online editing programs let me know! 
(Just looking for basic cropping & "edit lighting" features)
Said photos will appear on this blog.... when they appear!
For some reason, posting my camera photos no longer seems very important~ I really do just prefer sharing via Instagram & being done with it. 
Photography isn't something I am into anymore.

And neither is blogging. 
I just don't enjoy it a lot.
I go through phases. 
Thus, I am here when I am here, and am not when I am not! 
No blogging pressure to post "x amount of times" a week...
When I have something I want to post, I will. 
And it is for those few posts that I even keep this blog around. 

I think that's the thing people forget a lot, when it comes to hobbies~ is that they are just hobbies!!! 
Whether it's with blogging, photography, cooking, crafting, etc. in the end, they are just for your spare time & should be enjoyed.
They should not become stressful or feel like work.
If they are either of those things, they are no longer hobbies~ they are merely chores that must be done.
Thus, I endeavor to keep my hobbies, just hobbies. 
When I am in the mood for them or have time, I do them.
When I'm not/don't, I won't. 
So simple, right?

I hope y'all are having a lovely spring. 
I do have a couple new recipes I wish to share with you, so be watching for those in the near future. 
Mom is on a new, very-restrictive diet, so a lot of recipes will be quite healthy & perhaps a wee bit odd, but maybe that will be of use to those of you who are also on strict diets. 

As Always I Remain,
♥ Bekah ♥

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