Friday, 29 April 2016

Random Snaps From My Life {7}

It has been good to be home & getting back to my crafting hobbies again... 
Thought it was about time I shared a few snaps of those with you! 

And as always, just details of my everyday life I photographed. 
You never know what will catch my eye.

Benjamin Bunny & Paddington Bear have settled into their new home quite nicely...

Our rose bushes have started blooming again! 

Mom continues to receive flowers, which I love, because they make the window sill look so much brighter!

Car selfie~ still reminding myself to drive on the right side of the road.... haha.... 
That's been an adventure!

I purchased so many gorgeous Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter things while on this trip!
Here you can see my ticket from Hill Top Farm, 2 collectors coins, cards, printed papers, & coasters.

My giant pile of postcards! I have already been sending them out left 'n' right, because I want all my penpals to at least have 1 card from somewhere on my adventure!

Victorian/Vintage stationary bits abound, & I picked up a lot, which I am having so much fun using now!

The cutest little vintage London themed rubber stamp set I bought at Westminster Abbey's shop, actually.

A Victorian Butterfly themed letter. 

All of my favorite things~ purple, vintage, Anne of Green Gables.... ♥

Sent out one tiny pile of mail, catching up on birthdays & anniversaries. It's a start!

I have taken up a "new" hobby~ I mean, I have been journaling for years, but I have decided to try decorating my journals a bit, seeing if that will work as motivation to write more, since I neglect my journals so often. 

Page 1 of The Mouse's Journal, featuring a page from an antique book about flora 'n' fauna.

Page 2 of The Mouse's Journal, featuring a Tube map from London.

Spending some time testing out water coloring in my journal, while watching the animated tales of Beatrix Potter.

I feel Beatrix would approve of the washi tape!

That's all for now, folks!

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