Thursday, 11 August 2016

La Kitchenette Souris : The Bakery Is Open Again

Hello everyone! 

For those of you who are local readers, after a long absence,  I just wanted to let you know The Bakery is open for business again. 

{Image Painted By: ~Sarah LoCascio~ <--- Her Link}

I am looking for work at the moment, but only want part-time work, so I will still be able to accept orders on the side. 

I figured a few of you previous customers might be wanting to order again & I would be happy for your business! 

I am still offering the same products as last year, on The Bakery page, so you will find it all in the same order as you are used to. 
As always if there is a product you don't see but are wondering if I would make, just ask~ maybe I can do a special order. 

My email is:
Or you can leave a comment on a post & just check back for a response. I always answer questions!

Hope to hear from you! 

♥ As Always, Bekah ♥

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  1. So pleased Bekah that your kitchen is open again. So much talent and wonderful recipes and food.