Saturday, 20 August 2016

Thoughts Of Royal Mail...

Yesterday a little card from Kensington Palace arrived for me & it has me reminiscing about my travels in the UK, particularly the snail-mail related bits...

Here is my darling card from KP, with thanks for the birthday card I sent Prince George:

Isn't he just the cutest?! And growing up so fast..... 

This was my favorite photo that was released by KP for his birthday, so I was thrilled to see that was the one they chose for the thank you notes~ yes that swing does say "William & Catherine" on it, and if memory serves me right, was a gift from Charles! What a sweet gift idea. 

And then my thoughts wandered towards the mail I sent while in the UK~ 2 big parcels & dozens of postcards.... 

Every few days I was looking for those bright red mailboxes & happily tucking a few postcards in that were bound for home & the folks. 

I photographed so many of those classic, British red mail boxes & thought I would share a little edit I did of one of them with you all today. 

This particular charming old box was in the darling town of Lyme Regis~ that was one of the best days on my trip, I think. We had such perfect weather & everything was so "Jane Austen", which we Austenites truly appreciate. 

It was quite neat to arrive home & have a whole little pile of postcards with various Royal Mail stamps & postmarks on them~ like a unique souvenir in & of itself!

So if you ever travel to England, don't forget to buy a few postcards & stamps, & send yourself a couple postcards, because you will treasure the memories one day. ♥

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  1. I did just that Bekah. It was nice to have the postcards waiting for me when I got home last week. I loved Lyme Regis too.