Monday, 18 September 2017

A Nod To London

With so many terrorist attacks & general violence seeming to be happening in London, I thought instead of just tweeting out a little "Love You London" statement, I would reminisce about my time there & thank the city for giving me a lovely few days. 

Despite all that is going on, I have every intention of returning one day to see more. 
It's quite a place. ♥

So here are just a few photos of my adventures in London.

I was SUPER sick, running a very high fever, so needless to say it was hard to enjoy it, but I did the best I could. Just one more reason I wanna go back.

Day 1 it was raining, but Day 2 it was gloriously sunny!

Heading down a path in Hyde Park,  towards Royal Albert Hall, with the Albert Monument in front. 

It was early May so all the trees were in bloom & smelling incredibly strong.
Which is wonderful... if you aren't allergic to them that is. *heehee*
Sure didn't help with the pre-existing head cold I had!
But hey, they are stunning. 

A better snap of The Albert Memorial.
It really is something... I love all the gold...

Westminster Abbey... in the pouring rain... 
We had ducked under a little overhang on a building across the street... 
I liked how this shoot feels more like Northanger Abbey. *grins*
Moody. Wuthering Heights. That vibe. I like it. 

So grateful I was able to see Big Ben before they started construction on it!
It was very sunny the day we arrived here & I truly got a Classic London Experience. 

Didn't even feel the worst so very thankful.

Of course you can't walk along this area without taking a typical London tourist shot. *laughs*
Thank you so much, Nadia, for capturing so many awesome shots at this location!

I am truly tickled with how they all turned out~ had a hard time choosing which one to share here...

I wanted to capture the "still in the early 1900s" London feel... 
I am really happy with the old vibes this photo gave off, but also with a hint of the future due to the London Eye being in the background... 

Just playing his pipes.... randomly in the middle of the Westminster Bridge... 
*laughs* Which means of course I liked the way this dude thinks.

I am glad I took the time to ride the London Eye~ it truly is a great way to view the city which goes on and on and on, there is no end in sight, any way you look.
I found that a bit claustrophobic to be honest... 
But the views still are something else. 

The green is Hyde Park~ see Buckingham Palace way at the end? 
Not much green in this city.... not enough for a country mouse anyways...

What a charming old carousel! 
Was tempted to be a kid, get some cotton candy, and ride it. *heehee*

Walking across the Jubilee Bridge, pausing for some more classic views... 

Popped by Trafalgar Square & of course I went into the National Portrait Gallery to see the painting of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.
It's just... glowing... in person... I love it! 

We saw so many other things on our rather hurried tour... 
Not nearly enough to satisfy me & being ill meant I couldn't do as much. 
Sad I didn't get to the Tower Bridge & such spots.

Which only means I definitely have to return soThe Adventures of Max & Mouse & the Third Musketeer can continue on & we can conquer more ground, Instagramming all the day long!

London, I will be back, I promise! ♥

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  1. Another fabulous post! Looking forward to more Adventures of Max and Mouse both here and abroad in Canada and wherever else we decide to meet up! ;)