Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Royal Hangs... Another London Nod...

Of course visiting the palaces deserved their own post!
I am not Miss Mouse Middleton, proud Royalist, for nothing!

I am so pleased I got to see them.... even if I didn't spend long there... it was incredible & a bit like a dream to actually be there.

The memories will be one I treasure for a long time. ♥

Kensington Palace was our first stop & it happened to be sunny for a few minutes... 
Sadly my photo walking up towards the palace were blurry, but at least this photo Nadia took of me is clear!

I'm not usually this dramatic when it comes to photos, but lets blame it all on the fever... haha... 

I wish I would have felt up to it or had time to go inside, but sadly I didn't. 
However we did walk around the area a little bit, before heading off through Hyde Park.

It was actually raining fairly steady by the time we got to Buckingham Palace, but I wanted a photo outside of it, to prove I really was there, that there really was an amazed rodent behind the camera. 

Still feels like a crazy dream that didn't really happen... 
I have to say it's odd seeing this building in photos or videos now, after having been there in person.

The Mall. 
Hard to get a good photo of when the rain keeps blurring your camera lens...
But I like how this one turned out.

Of course since we were walking by The Goring Hotel anyways, I had to stop for a photo~ how is this Royal related?
If you have to ask, you aren't a Royalist. *haha*
It's where Kate Middleton spent her wedding night before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge!

There were other Royal related moments of course, several in fact... but these were the biggest ones & also happened to be photos that jumped out at me. 

Be watching for more posts later on in the fall... I intend on taking you for a few adventures in the unique city of Dublin, Ireland, next! 

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  1. Love this post! I love the photos of you in it too! They came out great and you don't even look like you weren't feeling well even though we both know (as does Alan) that you were definitely ready to call it a day after Buckingham Palace. Glad you were able to see those places and next time we will go in at Kensington Palace as I really want to see inside as well. Must find out when I can visit Buckingham Palace too as I am keen to see inside after having watched The Crown--bit obsessed really. ;) Love and miss you! Hope you are enjoying your other adventures at present. xo