Friday, 8 September 2017

Saved From The Law, To Live By Faith

Having very deep thoughts tonight about the religion l was raised in ( and my parents belief systems) & what my faith is now. 
Thought l would share since l haven't in a while...

The religion l was raised in was full of tradition & outward appearances/works. 
It was a heavy burden, filled with guilt and the fear of being judged by God or "cursed". 
Assurance was taught, but everyday life is one of bondage, discouragement, and dread. 

Rejoicing this evening because l have found my own faith in The Creator, and along with that freedom, hope & joy. 

Yes, life is hard. I am struggling to trust there is a plan for my life, that l have a "destiny to fulfill"...but what a difference in our everyday lives!! 
It is grand to discover you can be yourself & still do right! 

In summery, if you feel burdened & weary versus feeling blessed & happy, you my friend are merely serving a religion... not living by faith. 

End of mini sermon. 
Y'all have a good night & thank you for loving me the way l am, quirks & all. ♥

{Found this little image interesting~ what a change in one's lifestyle this would cause}

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