Friday, 14 February 2014

Today I Am Choosing To Be Happy..... And Single.....

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And yes, I have determined that this is going to be a happy one, despite that fact that it is impossible for a person to get more single than I am.

My chances of ever meeting someone, due to my surroundings and current circumstances, are approximately one in a million.

It’s all rather gloomy and depressing.

However not only is that merely one way of looking at it, but one also has to decide to look at it that way!

Everything you do requires a decision in life, and the choice is up to you.

The way I see it, one can choose to be happy, or one can choose to be sad… and both take the same amount of work… 

So this Valentine’s Day I have decided to continue refocusing and keeping my eyes on the brighter side of life.

I exchanged a few home-made cards with special friends… I am making meals for my family and decorating the table in a Valentines theme… I am reminding myself of the blessings of being single… and when I really stop and think about it, life isn’t so bad and I find myself being genuinely content and happy many times.

I am choosing to use this time of being alone………
~As a chance to refine myself and becoming more like the Godly wife I would want to be, if God were to ever bless me with a Godly man

~ As the perfect time to work on my attitude and keeping my outlook positive, calm, and cheerful

~As practice in purity and contentment

~As preparation time for activities that may lie ahead, and I don’t just mean cooking, sewing, and cleaning, although I am working on improving in those areas too (with much success~ yay!)… I am learning new skills, such as computer techniques, designing & decorating skills, knowledge in many varied areas (other countries, traveling, medical/health, etc.)

I have determined this Valentine’s Day, to every time a wave of depression floods over me, to immediately stop those thoughts, and remind myself of all that I have, instead of only focusing on what I do not.

Maybe God has chosen me to be single and to serve Him alone and with my whole heart, and not be distracted by a family of my own.

But perhaps He has chosen me to be a keeper at home.

Only time will tell as His Will is revealed and I begin to understand why I must go through what I have/am.

What I do know is that either way, I no longer want to be angry, bitter, depressed, anxious, and all-together miserable to be around… wasting my life would be another way to sum that up.

This “Single Awareness Day” I am choosing to be happy.

I am choosing joy…
I am choosing love…
I am choosing grace…
And I am choosing to wait patiently and trust in God’s timing.

P.S. If this is being read by my future husband, this was written for you, in a Valentine’s Day card, with love from your future in-the-making PERFECT wife! ♥
(whose sense of humor has never failed her)


  1. Thank you for sharing those thoughts. Wishing you much grace as you wait.

  2. Dearest Bekah,

    Loved this post! I've been so blessed by you and your testimony- how you're serving your parents, going out of your way to make special dinners for them and to bless those around you. Keep serving and being Christ's Hands and Feet! <3 Love you dearly, Miss Mousie! ;)


  3. Bekah,I was 40 when God brought Grant back into my life...I too came to the place where I said Lord,your will...teach me what you need me to know...and then I set about to serve Him wholeheartedly!I taught in the Christian School...loved that...and travelled to see and meet the needs of others.Your Mom was a great example to me as she waited too for your Dad...and then you my dear...I have of late struggled with "why" God did not give me a daughter/son?Then I think of just how many precious kiddies I have been able to teach in His way.You are such a beautiful have talent too as attested to in your blog/ keep serving Him...Keep before you "not my will but Thine!"...Bonnie Hamilton Berry