La Kitchenette Souris { Recipe Glossary }

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"La Kitchenette Souris"

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"La" ~ meaning "The"
"Kitchenette" ~ meaning "...a small kitchen or part of a room equipped as a kitchen..."
"Souris" ~ meaning "mouse"

I will be sharing recipes along with photos of my results as I have time.

This won't necessarily be an "every Tuesday" or even "weekly" sort of thing, but rather something I will post as my schedule allows & inspiration strikes. 

The photos will most likely just be Instagram shots, as that's a quick & easy way for me to share it on all my feeds at once... if you are expecting a professional cooking blog, sorry, you are on the wrong blog. HAHA! 

I am an old-fashioned, simple, country girl who merely wants to share my love of cooking & success stories with her friends & have no goals of creating a huge blog with tons of visits every day, etc.  

This is just for fun & the love of food!

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Glossary of Recipes

[Main Courses]

♥ After 8 Mint Cookies
♥ Apple Fritters
♥ Apple Gingerbread Loaf
♥ Basic White Cake
♥ Basic White Cupcakes (Tie-Dyed, etc)
♥ Blueberry Crumble Cake
♥ Blueberry Gingerbread
♥ Blueberry Muffins
♥ Chocolate Chip Bars
♥ Chocolate Chip Cookies
♥ Chocolate Chip Muffins
♥ Chocolate Mousse
♥ Chocolate Sour Cream Cookies
♥ Coconut Bars
♥ Cookie Base (Many Variations)
♥ Cream Puffs
♥ Crisp Cheesecake
♥ Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls
♥ Eatmore Squares
♥ English Royalty Chocolate Chip Scones
♥ Fingerle (Finger Cookies)
♥ Frozen Grasshopper Pie
♥ Ginger Snaps
♥ Heart Shaped Cakes
♥ Kid Tested Gingerbread Cookies
♥ Mini Peanut Butter Cups
♥ Mini Pumpkin Pies
♥ Oatmeal Cookies
♥Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
♥ Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies
♥ Oreo Cupcakes
♥ Pinwheel Cookies (another post about ~Pinwheel Cookies~)
♥ Poppy Seed Cake
♥ Pumpkin Cake
♥ Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting
♥ Pumpkin Muffins
♥ Rocky Road Squares
♥ Shortbread Cookies {Recipe 1}
Shortbread Cookies {Recipe 2}
♥ Spice Cake & Caramel Frosting
♥ Spicy Spice Cake & Brown Sugar Frosting
♥ Sugar Cookies
♥ Traditional Scottish Shorbread
♥ 1930s Toll House Cookies

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