Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hey, Someone's Gotta Create A New Normal!

It always amuses me how the world (and Christians for that matter) is/are always telling young people to "be themselves"... until they actually are and then they are told they "should be doing this or that" or "try to fit in somewhere".

[I.E. homeschooling vs. public school, working vs. university, a average job vs. a big career, courting vs. "dating around", a keeper at home vs. a working mom... and the list goes on & gets much deeper still...]

I mean really. How on earth do you think we ever wound up with things like vehicles or computers, and events like women getting the vote or people who aren't white having the same rights as anyone else happening , without someone having an original idea that not a whole lotta people agreed with??? 

Oh that's right. It wouldn't have happened. Someone had to be different & hold to what they believed in (not just religiously but in all areas) for these things to have come about. 

Funny, eh, how things that are considered normal or "on trend" these days weren't always considered such.... until someone was "a bit of a weirdo"..... 

This is not directed at anyone person so no need to go getting all offended. Wait. It is directed at someone. The people who keep judging/"advising/criticizing me 'cause I'm not doing what most 22 year olds are. (Don't compare people to people~ compare people to Jesus!) 

Sorry folks. I am creating my own type of normal, thank you kindly! 

Now y'all just have yourselves a grand ole' day while I go spend the rest of mine Christmas baking/twirling/singing/being happy. *winks*

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