Monday, 27 April 2015

La Kitchenette Souris : Of Pink Ombre Cakes

My first attempt at an ombre cake, both inside & out!

It was also my first time trying this particular icing technique, which I have to admit, despite taking a LOT of time & work, I really like. 
The end results are very neat.

Some suggestions, however.... 

Do not use buttercream frosting.
I did, but due to the time consuming technique, I had issues with it melting. 
So using a vegetable shortening based icing would be much more practical & likely easier.
A medium consistency works well. 

To ensure the colors are more vibrant, you will want to use some white food coloring (I used Wilton brand) to make your cake batter a lighter color, & do the same with the icing, unless either of your bases are already white.
If you just use the cake batter or icing as it, in a yellow-cream shade, the colors won't turn out quite right, nor will they be as bright. 
Do NOT using liquid food coloring~ use the gel kind! 
I needed a good amount to get the colors this vibrant, so the gel not only doesn't taste or make your mixtures too thin, but it looks way better too.

I am really looking forward to trying this technique again in the future!

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