Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Decorations At Night

After our house was all decorated, I took a few snaps of various displays, just so y'all could see!

Of course we have lots of ornaments in many places so I couldn't take photos of everything, but at least you get to see my favorite items. 

I have a mini Toy Village, that I might expand sometime, but for now, I like that it just fits on the fireplace & it looks so cute.

This is my mini purple tree, which is in my bedroom. 
I love that it is a bit unique & it goes with my room theme so well.

Of course I have little mice sitting underneath.

You can never have too many Christmas mice. 
And these aren't even all of them! haha 
I adore my mice. ♥

The paper chain I made last year, is back up in our hallway. 
It goes pretty much the whole length of the hall.

Our piano display. 
I really like that we added the garland this year. 
It finishes it off so well.

A very very tiny Nativity set that I just can't part with, no matter how many nicks it has already.
I have never seen one like it since I found it! 

More photos of my Christmas adventures coming soon!

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