Friday, 10 June 2016

Random Snaps From My Life {9}

My life lately has mainly consisted of housework, yard work & journaling... & my photos reflect that! 

Our yard has been looking so lovely lately & I have been enjoying snapping shots of the various things in bloom. 

My garden has doubled in height since this photo~ growing like mad!

My little herb garden is struggling due to terrible soil, sadly. 
Not sure much will survive.

I did harvest a tiny amount of Oregano which I dried!

I recently did a massive purge of my wardrobe & these 3 giant garbage bags are crammed full of all kinds of clothing, shoes & other accessories.
I would say I halved my collection.
Can't say I miss any of it yet!

Mom received another gorgeous bouquet!

I scored this original copy of "Lassie Come Home" recently for $1 & I couldn't help but admire it alongside these pansies in a crystal bowl. Perfect combo!

My baking, heading off to work! heehee

Chocolate Chip Muffins!
Find the recipe on the La Kitchenette Souris Page, under The Glossary!

Makin' Tomato Soup!
Find the recipe on the La Kitchenette Souris Page, under The Glossary!

Pizza is always a good idea! 

Armed & Dangerous!
When the hot glue gun comes out, crafting gets serious!

I have done a whole lot of journaling lately & I love decorating the pages!
I will have this old book filled up in no time, hopefully.

Perhaps some of these designs will give you your own journaling ideas! 

Be sure to keep up with #themousesjournal hashtag on Instagram!

Two more pieces of lovely Royal Mail from Buckingham & Kensington Palaces!

A gorgeous letter from my dear Isa. 

Such a happy package arrived for me from Sarah~ look at those amazing stamps!

My latest little bundle of outgoing mail.... not doing much writing these days...

I love creating vintage Airmail themed letters!

Made my first trip to a little stationery/planner shoppe in Saskatoon called Soul Paper!
Check them out on Instagram!

Here are my adorable purchases from Soul Paper! 

And a few other treasures I found at thrift stores & garage sales this year. 

Hope y'all are having a wonderful June with lots of lovely weather! 

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  1. Bekah

    So very pleased you liked your Royal stamps.