Thursday, 8 September 2016

That Haunting Place Known As Stonehenge

One of the places I just knew I had to see when I visited the UK was Stonehenge! 

For those of us who love history & learning about the very beginnings of civilization, sites like this truly intrigue us & the air of mystery about them, call our names. 

I have always been interested in the stories behind these giant rocks & the idea of how they even constructed this circle is impressive.

Now I understand a lot of people are hesitant to visit a place like this, due to the fact they are often steeped in various forms of pagan worship & don't support the Creationist view (aka, "....these objects are millions of years old...")
However, there is a good amount of truth to the actual historical facts & someone had to assemble these rocks in such distinct patterns, not to mention the real human bones they have dug up in this area & other material items found alongside the bones are pretty awesome to see. 
I personally just ignore the information I don't agree with & store away the details I want to use for future creativeness. 

These photos were all taken & edited by me, with the intention of setting the mood of the location for those of you who have yet to visit Stonehenge. 

I hope you will enjoy my little mini tour of this stunning sight & if you want more information, please do go visit the official website at:
~Stonehenge: English Heritage~

The little huts with some information about the era when you first step outside to head towards the actual rocks. 

That classic view. 

Stepping back in time....

The crows that are swooping about sure do make it moody...

The natural lawnmowers that help keep grass down in the area.

One final glimpse of Stonehenge, before we headed back to the bus that took us to the main centre.

What an experience to remember! 


  1. I really enjoyed Stonehenge too. I think they have done a great job with the audio tours so you can learn as little or as much as you want. Great post Bekah.

  2. I visited Stonehenge back in the late 70's, then it was just the rocks in a field but very atmsopheric. Love your photos.