Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Burns Night Highland Tea Party

I decided to host a small Highland Tea Party in honor of Robert Burns Day... 

No, I didn't serve haggis and no bagpipes were involved.

Well actually bagpipes were sorta involved because I created this playlist for the evening:
~Robert Burns Night Poetry & Songs~

Feel free to go have a listen while checking out these photos!
The first poem, "To A Mouse" is one of my favorites by Burns, and I had printed it out on a piece of paper, and tucked it in with the table setting.
It is easier to understand when you can hear it being read, and also read it yourself, as the same time.

I will be posting the recipes for the Pinwheel Cookies & Shortbread another day.
I also made the dip, but it was a powdered mix for the seasonings, so I don't have a recipe for it.

Here is the table, pre the food being set out.

I had a box of chocolate & the paper with Burns poetry printed on it at each setting.
I made the name cards.

This was the only way I remembered how to fold the napkins, but it worked... 
Those are gingerbread candy canes tucked in.

 I love the dish set Mom & I found at a thrift store!

Spot the little mouse & sheep? 

I really do like to tuck ribbon in here & there. 

I had set up displays on all the counters, so come evening, it looked quite lovely.

Pinwheel cookies, made that morning.

Is there anything more Scottish than a plaid box full of crackers? 

Candles lite, and food all set out!

I love the glow candle light casts!

Ready to eat!

We did light up a few sparklers outside after supper, but I didn't take any photos... was too busy trying not to light myself on fire... heehee... and it was a bit windy!

But I did take a few photos when we came back inside and worked on making some material bunting!

Holly's finished bunting~ it says "Create" in case you can't see it clearly enough.

Niomi's finished bunting.

I forgot to take a proper photo on camera of my bunting, but here is one I snapped with my phone for Instagram.

I also forgot to take photos of the shortbread & dip before I put it all away, so that is why they are tacked onto the end of this post! Haha!

Here is the Traditional Scottish Shortbread I served warm. I made it so that literally they were walking up, and I was pulling it out of the oven.

This is the dip~ not a very appetizing photo but the best I could do for now. 
It did taste delicious!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what I put together for Burns Night!

I hope to host more Burns Night celebrations in years to come... 

Thanks for coming, Niomi & Holly!

And belated Happy Burns Day, everyone!


  1. You did a wonderful job - I'm sure your friends appreciated it!

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous and love your teaware. Very pretty indeed!

  3. How fun! Love the theme! And the bunting turned out really cute:)