Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Random Snaps From My Life {8}

This is going to be an incredibly loooooong post.
I always leave things too long, but hey, when you aren't in the mood for blogging, you aren't in the mood! 

I have dozens of photos to share, so will post as many as I can! 

My calendar is so cute! Every month, there is a charming photo to see!

Some bundles of outgoing mail~ working on mail almost every day, trying to get caught up! 

I am doing really well & am very proud of myself for catching up as quickly as I am, with everything else I have had going on... 

I tie a lot of my letters together with bakers twine, ribbon or lace.

Forever obsessed with wax seals.

Going through wax sticks so quickly~ going to have to purchase more soon!

I did a 1970s road trip themed letter for a friend's birthday! So fun!

Working on a birthday flip book for a penpal...

Gorgeous postcards from Melanie!

Sorting through goodies received from penpals over the past 2-3 months~ this pile is over a foot wide & a few inches deep! Massive!

Not journaling a lot, but doing a little here & there.

Here are a few of my pages.

Some goodies I found while organizing my bedroom & office. Finding all sorts of things!

I found some adorable jars full of seashells I couldn't resist buying, but I also got these flower bulbs, a glass vase & some marbles for a new DIY I saw online! 

The bulbs begin to grow roots~ so fascinating! 

Look at them grow! You should see them now~ I really need to take another photo soon.

May started off with a heatwave as we barreled into summer.... delightful, but also really dreadful due to the fires various places are experiencing. 

Thankfully our area has now received a lot of rain! 

The results of the Fort McMurray fire in our area~ a smoke filled sky & a very unique orange sunset.

My town, just as things are beginning to turn green.

Our first tulip makes its appearance!

Our yard after the first rain...

Beautiful flowers begin to arrive, brightening things up.

I redid a rustic old garden sign, so that it would be bright & fresh & match our flower color theme.

In love with this stunning flower!

Shopping at the Floral Acres Green house, with Mom, picking out our flowers & herbs for the summer!

Your's truly, looking for the perfect thing.... 

We went out to The Berry Barn for tea & lunch. 

A beautiful painted window pane inside the Berry Barn.

Outfit details. 

The classic red barn...

The river is running so low! Hopefully the recent rain we've been getting will help a little.

The Berry Barn sells these cute little fairy villages~ I couldn't resist taking a snap for a few friends. 

I would love to have these metal pelicans in my yard! 

Momma Bear, carefully tucking a plant into the pot. 

After watering the plants, I had to admire the droplets of water resting on the petals.

Our yard started turning a very lush green after we received more rain! 

My garden, all tilled up & ready to plant!

I was glad to have the planting done & I have noticed some things are sprouting up now!

My herb garden, all dug up & cleaned out, ready for some new plants! 

I need to take another picture of it now that I have those new plants in there. 

Behind it you can see another flower bed I filled with seeds & bulbs.

Obsessed with this hat & my favorite pink lipstick!

[A Little Story]
I was feeling a little discouraged... I went into the grocery store just to pick up a few essentials.
Now many of you may not know this, but l try to never spend more than $1 on a bottle of nail polish. Which of course means, l don't get new polish very often. 
But God knew that.
Not only were this bottles only 94 cents a piece, but look at the gorgeous colors! 
Its these little things, that keep me believing God is there & He cares about the everyday details in life.
Now....which color to wear first?!?! 

Mom's flowers for Mothers Day.

Doing a little yardwork for a lady... one of my current jobs.

I went up to a friend's place this past week, to go horse back riding & spend a little time with here.

Oddly enough, I didn't take any proper pictures of Lady (black horse), but Buddy I got tons of!

Buddy's first selfie~ he stuck out his nose to inspect my phone & hit the camera button! LOL 

He was nibbling on my hair here, but at least I got a cute selfie! 

The only proof I have that I was back on a horse again. 

Such an energetic pooch!

Country life.

Heading off for a stroll in the woods... 

I love how the sunlight filters through the trees & bounces off the white birch bark.

Details. ♥

Wild violets.

Not sure what these are but they are lovely! 

I hope you have enjoyed the glimpses of my life over the past couple weeks!

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